What kind of town is Tsunashima?

Tsunashima is located in the eastern part of Yokohama City, facing the Tsurumi River.
It is relatively accessible by train and car from the center of Yokohama City,
and the area has been used for farming and fishing. Even today,
it continues to develop as a residential and commercial area.
Many people choose this area as a comfortable place to live,
since transportation to Yokohama City and central Tokyo is convenient and accessible.
A picture book titled Tale of Shinsui Building: Four Gods of Birds has been completed.

新水ビルのものがたり 4羽の神さま

Four Gods of Birds


There was a big, big river in a certain place.
There were many small islands in the river, and people were living on each of those small islands.


God of Seagulls with long wings.
God of Herons with a long neck. God of Cormorants with a large body.
God of Kingfishers with beautiful feathers.
They were the gods of waterfowl that had protected this town since ancient times.


Someone said,
“Let’s build a new town together from here.”

You can read the Shinsui building’s original picture book, Four Gods of Birds, at the Tsutaya Bookstore on the third floor of this building.

The Tale of Shinsui Building

Four Gods of Birds

Text and illustrations Kaoto Satomi
Design Takashi Ueda (STAND inc)
Original plan Susumu hara (4-kaku)
Planning and production Bauhaus MARUEI Co., Ltd.